Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reading isn't What It Used to Be

Thanks to Patrick Von Wiegandt, conference recorder extraordinaire, I listen to speakers from the San Francisco Writers Conference on the CDs he sends me in record time. I miss half of the conference presentations because I work the registration desk.

Lolly Winston's key note on Saturday is one I didn't hear until Friday in the car on my way to observe a teacher intern. Mesmerized by her talk, I had to have her book, GOOD GRIEF, as soon as possible. I had just enough time to stop at my favorite book store where I found one copy was left on the shelf. I pounced on it and couldn't wait to begin reading it.

I've marked it up already but realized I have to have a code:

Mem meaning good for reference in my memoir

Blog obviously good tips for this blog

Class to squeeze into the handouts for the two writing classes I teach. And BD Class is to put on the board for discussion with the class.

Sometimes I draw a smiley face for my reader self to remember to stop worrying about the codes and enjoy the book.

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