Monday, March 19, 2012

Could your Character Have a Projection Problem?

Frances G. Wickes, in her "The Inner World of Choice", has sparked a possible flaw I could write for one of my characters in "Hada's Fog". She explains how projection is another enemy of choice. So I got to thinking about another relationship interplay for my novel.

One character, the projector, is unable to take responsibility for his actions and the consequences in his life. He blames others and projects on his brother what he cannot accept in himself. He, the projector, is having a personality meltdown but tells his parents that his brother is going crazy.

I have not written that he will realize his wrongdoings by the end of the novel. I'm saving his transformation for the sequel. But what is interesting in what Wickes explained is that the interplay between the projector and the object (his brother)involves the object opening the door to the "projected image". She says "When we see two people caught in this confusion of unconscious interrelatedness we know that each has left a door unlocked: for if the projection encountered a locked door, it would, like a boomerang, return to the projector."

I have made the brother the perfect person but now I have his flaw. He opened the door for the projector to inflict the projection upon him. Hurray, he will be more believable now.

Wickes has helped me see how to bring about the projector's change in the sequel. She says that when one, either the projector or the object, "has the courage to cut himself free, the other may, through a strange synchronistic happening, find that the bond is mysteriously broken in himself also." The brother will break free from the inferiority dominance of the projector and then, the projector will have an opportunity to redeem himself.

Thank you, Frances!

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