Friday, March 16, 2012

Do you Underline, Highlight, Circle, Make Margin Notes?

When I read, I have a pencil ready to underline, circle, and make margin notations. I've left my mark on every book I've read. Currently, I'm underlining Frances G. Wickes' "The Inner World of Choice". There's very few sentences I haven't indicated as important.

Her book is one of several I'm collecting concerning theories about the main topic in my memoir. My working title is "The End of Choice". Ideas float in my head and I capture them in my notes. I have a recorder in my car for spontaneous insights, yet how to compile them into a page turner is the trick. So, I make sure I meet with Wickes for an hour most mornings to read, to mark, and to absorb. She was eighty-seven years old when she wrote this book in 1963 and updated in 1988. Every page is poetic, heartfelt, and valuable to my topic. She intersperses dreams she analyzed for her clients and uses them to build a multi-layered concept that makes total sense. And, best of all, I look forward to reading the next chapter in the treasured time I've scheduled with her.

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