Sunday, April 19, 2009

POV Changes

The Speed of Light by Elizabeth Rosner has an interesting way for using three points of view within each chapter. I was a little concerned that my novel, Hada, had alternating viewpoints...Hada's in one chapter, then the next her husband, Lev's, then the next chapter, Hada's again and so on throughout the book. What Rosner does is changes fonts and leaves double spaces when she changes points of view within the chapters. It really works...very well!

Her book is worth reading, not only for studying how she accomplishes this way of showing the three main characters' viewpoints, but it is an excellent story...character driven and unusual personalities that keep you turning those pages.

I discovered her book when I went to her workshop at the Pleasanton Poetry, Prose, and Arts Festival earlier this month. The topic was "Writing Deeper". If you hear of her doing another one in the future somewhere, I recommend going.

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  1. so interesting to read your blog today--I'm just starting another book and have been wrestling with which POV to use!