Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April is Poetry Month

My friend and fellow-writer-group member, Peter, is writing a poem a day during this year's poetry month as he did last year. What an inspiration.

At Pleasanton's Poetry, Prose, and Arts Festival last weekend, I bought David Alpaugh's new poetry book, "Heavy Lifting" so I could reach my goal for this month which is to READ at least one poem a day. Between Peter and David, I'll join the celebratory month and who knows, maybe next April, I'll be writing a poem a

David Alpaugh also wrote "Counterpoint", a great poetry collection I highly recommend...available on Amazon.

Anybody else writing poems for this month?

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  1. what a great goal--a poem a day. I may steal that idea from you in May! Garrison Keillor sends out a daily poem by various poets and when I nail myself to the chair and read them, I'm always glad I did. If you'e interestd I can send you the info in an email.