Friday, April 20, 2012

Accepted in Las Positas College Anthology

Acceptance and rejection all in one day.

"Tiny Lights" sent a sweet, encouraging full page rejection letter for my two short story submissions. Susan Bono wrote, "Wow, big stories, Julaina". On one of the pages she gave me an important tip on how to improve the beginning Of "Life Support" which I appreciate. I took a chance because I knew both stories are controversial. Time to send them some place else. Someone out there might like the outside-the-box topics.

Before that rejection, I received the notice that Las Positas Anthology editors had accepted my story. I had never submitted to them before although several people had encouraged me to do so in the past. I revised the story yet another time, adding more sounds, smells, and textures before submitting. It must have helped.

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