Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Second Place Contest Award

The Redwood Writers Conference (a branch of the California Writers Club) granted me the second place award for my short story in their contest this year. What is unusual in this contest is that the judges give a comment on each of the stories that won. Here is what Judge Rebecca Lawton said about my "A Cup of Change":

"Full of conflict from the opening, "Change" takes more turns than a labyrinth. The author engages in story telling in a good, old-fashioned way: pulling us in, making us wonder, and resolving in the end without making it too "neat". Fabulous use of background images echoes the protagonist's journey. Fun, and a bit of snark."

It's not only interesting but encouraging to read someone else's review of my work.

This is my sixth contest award, the other five were first place and each experience has been different. This time, although second place, feels just as thrilling because of the review. Thank you, Judge Lawton.

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  1. Congratulations, Julaina! I can see why you're thrilled-- I would be too, to receive such a rave review. How cool is that! You can use it on the back cover of your first "collection." Any chance you might post "A Cup of Change" on your blog here? I would love to read it!