Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mermaid's Chair

Sue Monk Kidd did it again. I thought The Secret Life of Bees was outstanding, now her latest book, The Mermaid Chair, has me glued to it. I have only 69 more pages to read and I'm in the middle of all the paperwork due for my ten teacher interns...I still have twelve more visits to their schools before the last week of May...but here I am carrying The Mermaid Chair around with me to read every chance I get.

As a reader, I am engrossed in the story...fabulous characters! And, reading as a writer, I'm marking all the copious and amazing metaphors and sensory details she writes. I've been addicted to Ann Patchett lately, but Sue Monk Kidd is strong competition for my attention in the few hours I have free to read every day.

Going back to Egret Island now...see you there.

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